What Has Happened To My Home As Of Late..?

What has happened to my home as of late..?

Somebody please take hold of her fate

There exists no more conscience, but only hate

And the government uses all this as a bait


The hills are bleeding full of anger and rage

When governance is nothing but a disgusting cage

Democracy is just a fancy word on a page

The need for a home has now come of age


My hills have bled and wept out aloud

But the shouts are being drowned by the media’s shroud

Over Kanchendzonga now hovers a thick black cloud

As police take headshots at an unarmed crowd


The fascist’s deeds are now in black and white

But the media is paid, so what she wants they write

Remember it’s the Gorkhas that you’ve chosen to fight

Your stained hands shall be brought to the whole planet’s light


Be you a Gorkha or be you not one

Be you a Bengali, an Indian or American

Be you Japanese, Iranian or Brazilian

The issue at hand is of concern to any human


I urge thee oh people of the whole world

Take heed of what in Darjeeling has unfurled

I beg all of thee down at my knees

To condemn what has happened, and rescue us please


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