The Banaras Experience

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There is something about Banaras that perhaps one cannot describe in words to one’s complete satisfaction. At first look it is just a regular two-tier Indian city with narrow streets, over population, cattle on the streets, temple goers, and the bustling crowd anywhere and everywhere. Despite all of this, there is a vibe to this place, an energy or invisible force just like the dark energy that constitutes two third of the entire universe and yet invisible to the eye. This energy I’d like to call the ancient energy is an amalgamation of the place’s history, it’s geography and the innumerable myths associated to it. This energy has been attracting people, Indians and Foreigners alike since ages.

Banaras was not anywhere on top of my must visit destinations, but somewhere within me was the curiosity to know what this place is all about. So bored of my daily routine, when…

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