Red Panda Blues


The red panda was left in the wilderness for six years

Through these years he learnt how to laugh and how to shed tears

He learnt to recognize all the fake friends and who are the real dears

He learnt how to celebrate his joys and overcome his fears


But now he is

Back in the zoo

His homecoming

Is celebrated

And for a moment

He is happy too

But soon he figures out

That home is overrated


He gets spoon fed

His favourite bamboo

And there is no danger

Of panda eating predators

And all the necessities of a red panda

Are taken care of by the crew

He is never brought in contact

With any panda haters


He lives in his comfortable tree bed

Listening to all the wonderful sounds emanating from his laptop speakers

He has stories that always make sense in his imaginations

Imaginations of adventures in the wilderness, from his gilded cage


He tries to free his rhymes like when he did in the wild

But it never works

The gilded cage has a psychological effect too

And even the food is medicated to suit the manners of the zoo

He needs to leave and he needs to leave now

The love of the zoo keepers is chloroform for him


He is afraid, he is paranoid, he is over sleeping, he is a lazy panda

He is Eleanor Rigby, he is Father McKenzie, the little red panda, suffocated in his head

His words don’t make sense, his tunes are repetitive

He doesn’t rhyme his songs anymore

But he would have liked to


He looks at the free homo sapiens

Eating pop corn and watching him

They look free

He wishes it too

And the bars of the gilded cage

Chokes on his consience

And despite writing several lines

His feelings are still overflowing


Suffocation and depression

Are ever lasting emotions

Its not like happiness

That comes and goes


What do you think,

Mr. Tiger and Mr. Bear,

And all you pretty pheasants,

And all the herbivores below,

Do you feel suffocated too..?

Do you desire freedom too..?

Do you empathize with me..?

Or am I just having the Old Pink syndrome


Will this song ever stop..?

Now even it is becoming

A golden crown of roses’ thorns

And by the time the praises reach me

They have turned to hardened stones

I’ll stop it now

And live my gloomy day

The zookeeper will come soon

With my quota of freshly medicated bamboos

And the sun will set soon

It will be time for me

To go to nerdvana for my usual ginger lemon honey tea

And a few sticks of cigarettes

A few animals shall be gathered there

We shall bark about the great arts of music, movies, and other similar non-sense

It helps to live with social sanity

In keeping intact the manners of the zoo

But I am just pretending, it’s not me

After all I’m just a little red panda

Stuck in a gilded cage of a zoo


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