Instagram Blues


She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth

Even at just 16, she possessed an iphone

And she had an instagram account too

But no one had to look twice to notice

That all her photos were in black ‘n white


No it was not the latest trend of the season

And niether was she making an artistic statement

She just never felt the colours in her heart

Just a little teenager, with everything she could ever want

But no one had attended to what she needs as a child


No she was never abused, nor had ever been flogged

She was never short of dresses of the latest fashion

But she had lost all interest in the trends of the days

Bieber was no more an idol for her

She rather found love in the songs of Patti Smith, Fiona Apple & Bjork


She lived in a big mansion, but only her room was her home

She had rich over-caring parents, whom to her were but mere relatives

She had not a friend, except poets, singers, teddies and some imaginary ones

She had never experienced love, except in her fantasies that never were true

Oh dear, oh dear ,would you love her still..?



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