Dual Personality Order

The title of the next song, ladies and gentlemen

Is Dual Personality Order and Mreenal is gonna sing this one for you

‘No, I ain’t’

Yes, you are

‘I will not’

You will


Ok Mreenal 1, 2, 3, Go…


Mreenal…. Sing



‘La la la’


‘Will you sing with me?’


I will help you out


‘Well I am not really a singer

But I’ll try to sing this one’

Especially for all of you gathered today


Come on people give ‘im some motivation, will ya..?


‘I had to hide

In my own tide

The gates weren’t wide

So I let Mams ride’


What Mreenal says is not entirely true

He’s just scared of what the witches brew

Don’t worry boy, this is your crew

Oh look at him, how well he grew


‘I do sing

But don’t know what’

Don’t worry boy, just let it ring

All your troubles will by themselves sort


‘I am scared’

Let yourself out and know that you dared

Remember that you have always well fared


‘That was you’

Remember you am me, and I is you

I can always come, just give me a cue


I will always be by your inside

Whenever you’re scared and alone

And together through this tide, we’ll ride

After all we both are of one flesh and bone


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