She learnt to love  “YOU”


What you thought was gross when your parents kissed,was something she had never seen in her entire life.
The family dinners you hated with your sibling ,was something she wished for every night.

The picnic where you gathered with your relatives and cousins, to have fun ,was something she had no acquaintance with.

Those parties you enjoyed with the group of friends who always had your back, was a myth to her.

Even though she knew nothing about love of any kind,

She thought about you every single moment of her day.

She cared like you were the only person alive.

She put you above all her priorities .

She fought against the world for you.

She choose you over her longed wishes.

She made you a part of all her plans.

She gave all her time (life) for you.

“It was so easy for you to laugh on her…

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