Leather Clad Beetles

Leather clad beetles
Are you gonna go mainstream..?
The Rock ‘N Roll at Cavern
Just a story they now seem
Like The Everly Brothers
Singing “Dream Dream Dream”
Please do not be the subject
Of a 20-17 meme

Leather clad beetles
Why do you wear a tie..?
Why do you need the tags
‘Clown’, ‘Clever’, ‘Pretty’ and ‘Shy’..?
I tried to say hello
Why did you say goodbye..?
Your rich and clever manager
Is soon gonna die

Leather clad beetles
You’ll be lost and taken aback
By the shouts of mainstream crowd
Your performance will slack
With Lucy, Ravi & Mr. Kite
You’ll develop a crack
And at the eleventh hour
You will want to Get Back

Leather clad beetles
Do not go mainstream
Make Beatlemania sound like
Just a lunatic’s dream
Don’t create psychedelia
There’ll be no Hendrix Cream
And Mams will never hear you
As Rock ‘N Roll don’ reign supreme


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