Mreenal Mams

Hey there.. I am Mreenal, a guitarist-singer-songwriter from the beautiful hills of Darjeeling in the Himalayan regions of India.

I play a few different (but related) genres of music, the most often ones being Free Improvisation, Psychedelic Rock, Raga Rock, Blues Rock and Hard Rock. Besides singing and playing guitar, I also occasionally play a few other instruments like Sitar, Didgeridoo and Khamak.

I write songs, and also occasionally articles on music. These shall be the bulk of this blog.

I will also be sharing links to my music, with back stories to be told on this blog. For a start, go check out my music at the following links. Don’t forget to subscribe/follow (whichever is applicable) & also do like & share, so your friends can have a listen too.. Cheers..

Bandcamp :

YouTube :

SoundCloud :

Instagram :       @mreenalmams

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